Crawford Landscape Supply is a landscape supply company in Marietta, Georgia.

Crawford Landscape Supply

Landscape Supply Company in Marietta, Georgia

Crawford Landscape Supply is a landscape supply business in Marietta, Georgia. Our company sells a wide range of bulk landscaping products and related hardscaping building materials. We offer local delivery of landscape materials and products.

Our business is owned and managed by people with extensive experience in the commercial landscaping, residential landscaping and lawn maintenance business. Our team of professionals can provide expert advice on the best products for your project.

We primarily sell to professional landscaping contractors. We are open to the public for bulk material sales. We are open Monday through Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Landscaping Products We Offer

Our inventory of landscaping materials and products includes core items and seasonal items. We strive to maintain inventory levels that allow us to serve as a reliable source for landscaping materials. Among the items we carry are:

  • Mulch - Colored, Cypress and Hardwood
  • Pine Straw, Wheat Straw and Pine Bark Nuggets
  • Topsoil, Fill Dirt, Compost Mix
  • Sand, gravel and Crushed Stone
  • Decorative Stone - Fieldstone, Boulders, etc.
  • Decorative Rock - Round River Rock, Egg Rock, Boulders
  • Pavers - Brick Pavers, Stone Pavers
  • Retaining Wall Blocks, Cap Blocks
  • Landscape Timbers, Railroad Ties

About Products and Materials Information

We apply reasonable effort to keep our website current; however, material prices shown on our site may not reflect current prices. We urge you to contact us to confirm prices before you bid a project or place an order. The product photos on our website serve as general representations of each material. Natural and organic products have varying colors, textures and other attributes. Items in our yard may not look exactly like the images on our website.