Landscaping Materials Prices

This page shows our regular prices for our most popular bulk landscaping materials. While you can use these material prices for budgeting, we recommend contacting us for a free quote.

Pricing shown here may be different than current actual prices.
Call 770-508-4328 to verify prices and availability for all products and materials.
Taxes & Delivery charges are not included in prices shown.

Wholesale Bulk Landscaping Materials Pricing

*** Call 770-508-4328 for Products Not Shown Below ***

Products / MaterialsPrice
Black MulchCall for Quote
Red MulchCall for Quote
Brown MulchCall for Quote
Cypress MulchCall for Quote
Hardwood MulchCall for Quote
Pine Bark NuggetsCall for Quote
TopsoilCall for Quote
Fill DirtCall for Quote
Granite / Masonry SandCall for Quote
Pea GravelCall for Quote
Slate Chips (small / medium)Call for Quote
Crusher RunCall for Quote
Egg Rock #2 #4Call for Quote
River Rock #4 #6Call for Quote
Crimson StoneCall for Quote
Landscape BouldersCall for Quote
Landscape Timbers 6x6Call for Quote
Railroad TiesCall for Quote
Call for a free quote for landscaping materials and delivery in metro Atlanta. Payment options are cash and credit cards. Checks accepted from existing commercial accounts.

About On-Site Pick-Up & Delivery Services


  • Customer is responsible for determing if their vehicle can support weight of materials
  • Customer is responsible for covering or tarping materials on their truck or trailer
  • Customer may not leave vehicles unattended or block drive areas


  • All deliveries require an authorized person to receive shipment
  • Customer responsible for prompt unloading of all materials
  • Delivery times may vary depending on traffic and weather
  • Multiple delivery stops require an additional charge

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