Landscape Materials Common Questions

No you do not need to have an account to buy landscaping products and materials from us. You can come to our landscape supply yard or call us to place an order, and schedule delivery. We accept cash, debit and credit cards.
Yes. We sell landscape materials and products to the public, and can deliver to addresses within our normal delivery area. We offer the same prices to everyone for bulk landscaping materials.
Our employees will load materials on your truck or trailer. We offer delivery in a limited area of metro Atlanta. DISCLAIMER: Loading and transporting landscaping materials can cause cosmetic damage to trucks and trailers. We are not responsible for scratches or abrasions to paint, or minor dents caused by loading materials. Customers are responsible for assuring that their vehicle or trailer can support the weight of materials that we load.
Yes. Colored mulch should not be unloaded or stored on concrete driveways, patios, walkways, wood decks or similar areas. The dye from colored mulches can bleed onto these surfaces and be difficult to impossible to remove.
Applying mulch in new areas is usually 3"-4" thick. Top dressing an area is usually 2"-3" thick. Bulk materials are ordered by the "cubic yard", which is a mass 3' tall x 3' wide x 3' deep. A good rule of thumb is to order one cubic yard to cover 27 square feet. For better estimating you can use an online cubic yard calculator tool.
Screened topsoil or fill-dirt has been sifted through a commercial screen to remove large root pieces, large rocks, clay and other undesireable elements. It is customary for screened dirt or soil to still have small pieces of these types of elements.
Crawford Landscape Supply does not offer landscaping services. We can recommend to you a landscaping installation and lawn maintenance company for commercial and residential landscape services in metro Atlanta.